Q. What is KBS Intl all about?

KBS Intl specializes in software development with the focus on delivering high quality solutions that not only cater the specific needs of our customers but also improve their business management. We develop long term strategic relationship with our customers to ensure that solutions we provide have the ability to evolve as their need grows.

Q.What are the services you offer?

KBS Intl provides a team of dedicated developers for our clients. Whether you are looking to hire a web developer or a.net developer, KBS Intl has the experienced and talented resources to fulfill all your offshore software development needs.

Here is the complete list of resources/services that would be at your disposal if you choose to partner with us:

please note that this table list only a short list of resource Company can offer other types of resources if such need arises

Q. How costly are you guys?

KBS Intl is an off shore development company, our whole point is to provide you with a more cost effective alternate. Naturally, we would cost you a lot less than hiring an in house development team. However, to get an accurate quote, contact us with your project details and we will get back to you asap.

Q. Do you take on full projects or sub-parts of it?

We take on full projects but you can also outsource a few parts of your PDLC if you wish so.

Q. Why should I even consider outsourcing?

An off shore development partner can help you in numerous ways:

Q. Which technologies and programming languages you work on?

Currently, we are working with Liferay, Microsoft .net framework, Microsoft Share Point and SugarCRM.

All our programmers are proficient in all the programming languages being utilized in the industry today.

Lastly, we follow the PDLC rigorously. This means that you can expect us to deliver everything from the documented analysis of your business requirements to the delivery of your solution and all the post release help you may need.

Q.What kind of qualifications do your employees hold?

All our employees are professionals. We only hire people with a university educated background. Your project will be handled by people having graduate or post-graduate degrees.

Furthermore, all our resources are exceptionally talented having years of experience in software development. We strive to recruit experienced devs cause we know there is no substitute for the actual experience you gain while working on the job!

Besides having professional degrees, we only hire people who have a serious passion for software development. We believe this is the most important criteria as it will ensure that the devs that work on our client's project will thoroughly be invested in it too rather than simply going through the motions of software development.

Q. What kind of infrastructure and equipment you guys are working with?

We are using the best and latest when it comes to infrastructure and technology. By outsourcing to us, you ensure that your project is being developed in the best possible environment without having to pay for any of that personally!

Q. How do you communicate with the customers throughout the project lifecycle?

We mostly conduct online communications via email, messengers, voice/video conferencing. This way we ensure that the client is always on top of their project’s process.

Additionally, we also utilize "Redmine". Redmine is an open source flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.

By using this service both us and the client can keep track of the project, no matter where we are or what time of day it is.

We believe in total transparency and communication with our clients is most important for us. This is why we strive to keep every possible channel of communication with our client open all the time.