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KBS Intl provides you with a team of experienced and talented dedicated developers. Our dev team is a proven highly effective resource for the following technologies:

Liferay is a leader in portal development. As such this enterprise platform is changing the traditional enterprise infrastructures with innovations that include Single-Page applications, javascript frameworks, and tons of features that make operations more efficient. If you want what's good for your enterprise then choose Liferay. If you want people who are great at Liferay development, choose us!

Microsoft .Net Framework MVC is the best framework to build web sites, web portals and web applications. This framework allows us high reliability and usability at the same time. Developers here at KBS Intl have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to .net framework. With our talented and experienced resources we can build you any sort of application on the .NET platform!

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint Server offers a plethora of functionality that allows both admins and users the opportunity to stick with an out of box yet fully functional product, or customize the software to function in very specific ways to meet your business requirements. If the latter is the case, KBS Intl can customize the software to meet your particular business demands.


Thousands of businesses around the world use SugarCRM for their sales automation, marketing automation, account management and other customer relationship management (CRM) needs.However, if you want SugarCRM to be specifically designed to your needs, this is where KBS INTL comes in. We can customize the software, to make it better tailored to your business specifications.